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Beachtime Products - PREMIER WINDSCREENS

A Little About Our Premier Canvas Windscreens

Beach Windscreens – Beach Privacy Screens are used to help block wind and blowing sand, while providing the needed privacy you desire. Would you like to stay longer at the beach, a sporting event or a family picnic? You can now protect yourself from all those unwanted elements and unexpected windblown conditions with our selection of Beach Windscreens and Beach Privacy Screens.

Our Premier Beach Windscreens are fabricated using 100% Acrylic 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic. It has a 10 Year limited warranty.

Aluminum hollow tubing poles along with plastic caps on the top ends provide maximum hand-held comfort. Webbed Shoulder Straps are sewn into the windscreen for easy carrying along with ties to secure when not in use. A Rubber mallet not necessary, but recommended.

These beach windscreens are fabricated by our parent company, Jean’s Canvas Products, which has been creating custom windscreens for over 35 years.

Contact us for any additional questions you may have by calling us at 1-866-85-BEACH or emailing us at


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47" X 20' Premier Windscreen - Product Image

47" X 20' Premier Windscreen

Premium Windscreen / Umbrella Bag (As Shown) - Product Image

Premium Windscreen / Umbrella Bag (As Shown)

47" X 15' Premier Windscreen - Product Image

47" X 15' Premier Windscreen

Coughlans Rubber Mallet - Product Image

Coughlans Rubber Mallet

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